Love yourself

Love yourself

The more I love and accept myself, the more I attract people who are also in a balanced, happy state and we don’t “need” anything from each other. We can just enjoy our time together.

Two people in love…


Two people in love, alone, isolated from the world, that’s beautiful.

~Milan Kundera

On Loving and Trusting

But no matter what love throws at you, you have to believe in it. You have to believe in love stories and prince charmings and happily ever after. That’s why I write these songs. Because I think love is FEARLESS.”
— Taylor Swift

Loving and Trusting

I am that type of person who trusts someone easily, forgive someone easily and love someone easily. I just easily give in. I may have had my heart broken several times, but I know this:

..that when someone lie to me, doesn’t mean I should stop trusting.
..that when someone breaks my heart, doesn’t mean I should stop loving.
..that when someone did wrong to me, doesn’t mean I should not forgive.

That is my life principle.

I may have gone through many heartbreaks from different people; friends, lovers, family, strangers – but in the end, I always get to choose what to feel towards them. I want to keep on loving and trusting people because I know my goodness. I may not know theirs, or they may not know it themselves, but I know mine.

I am kind to someone not because they’re nice but because I am nice. I love someone not because they’re lovable but because I am loving. I trust someone not because they are trustworthy but because I am trustworthy.

I don’t have any bitterness towards the people who have caused me pain. No. I forgive everyone of them and by now, I may even forget how they’ve hurt me. Maybe a little disappointment; because they didn’t appreciate the trust and love I offered but I also know that when we give, we don’t need to ask anything in return. Once given, it is gone.

But the love in me remains and that’s the only thing that matters.

I won’t ever build walls to guard my heart. I embrace every experience that my heart brings to me. I am a lover of nature, a lover of people, a lover of everything. I am that love…flowing within me. And my heart never runs out of more love to give. 🙂

~El Princess Eclar

Fallacy of Love

Question: During my whole life, I always thought that I loved Somebody. Now, being here for the first time with you, I Ask myself: have I ever really been in Love? Am I even able To love? Am I able to Love you?


Osho : The basic fallacy that you are carrying within you is that you always loved somebody. This is one of the most significant things about all human beings; their love is always for somebody, it is addressed — and the moment you address your love, you destroy it. It is as if you are saying, “I will breathe only for you — and when you are not there, then how can I breathe?”

Love should be like breathing. It should be just a quality in you — wherever you are, with whomsoever you are, or even if you are alone, love goes on overflowing from you. It is not a question of being in love with someone — it is a question of being love. People are frustrated in their love experiences, not because something is wrong with love… they narrow down love to such a point that the ocean of love cannot remain there. You cannot contain the ocean — it is not a small stream; love is your whole being — love is your godliness.

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