Strange, Awesome Feeling After Having High Fever

 The late afternoon of Friday last week, I already felt something coming.
The weather has brought really cold winds and sometimes drizzles.
A lot of people in town are catching colds and flu.

Even so, I still went out to catch up with friends on an open space – a go-kart area and we had pizza.
My friends also insisted me to try riding the go-kart, since it was my first time.
So I did, amid the really cold weather. Attacking the wind by riding the go-kart really fast is not a good idea!

I went home that evening, my shoulders were hurting, and my body felt really tired.
When I went to bed, I felt really cold and I had to be under thick blankets.

The next day, I woke up with continuous sneezing.
I knew that it will not be a ‘good-healthy-day’ for me.

The evening of that day, I felt really cold, and my body was shaking so bad that I had to rush to my bed or else I would faint.
My temperature raised so quickly while I was shaking. Fever and flu.

I take care of myself when I get sick, so I went to get myself some fever medicines, a few liters of water to drink, a basin with water and a face towel.

I took the medicines, drank lots of water, moisten the face towel and placed it on my forehead.
I drank lots of water that night and (of course) had to pee a lot.

I’ve had fever and flu several times in my life already, but this previous one was one of the most difficult, in terms of the body aches I felt.

It went on like that for 2 more nights until I felt recovery is on the way.

When my temperature was back to normal, I woke up on a lovely day — the sun was shining brightly, I saw the flowers in the garden, there were butterflies (in my previous posts, I mentioned that whenever I see a butterfly, it will be a wonderful day).
My body was still feeling weak that morning, but my spirit felt really happy.
It was almost a strange feeling, and also nostalgic.
I just felt — so good and happy!

So the first thing I did was whisper my gratitude to the Universe, and shout it in my heart, “Thank you, for this beautiful day.”
It is natural for me to feel grateful, but it was really special that day.
And I told the Universe how I loved that moment and I want to feel like that every day.

I could hear the Universe/Source telling me (in my mind), that the beautiful day, the butterflies, the flowers, the bright sun — they only remind me to tap into that wonderful-feeling place, but it’s always there. I will be able to be there when I remember that it’s always there.

I was so happy that I felt like crying, but I didn’t want to spoil the moment with my emotions.
I closed my eyes and connected to my ever-grateful self and in a spiritual way, sent my gratitude to everything in nature, and everything round me that morning, I let them know that I am grateful.

It’s been one week since that beautiful morning, and I still feel that strange, awesome feeling after having high fever.
I am grateful.


Asked for a Miracle

There was once a woman who was about to give birth to a child. It is her second baby. She just found out that her partner already has a family of his own that is why he couldn’t marry her. When this dawned to her, she didn’t give up; she decided to keep the baby. It was already her second after all.

She was supposed to give birth on the 12th of August 1989, but because she doesn’t feel like the baby is ready to come out, the doctors told her to wait so she will have a normal delivery. Three days have passed, on the 15th, and at 2 in the morning, she felt the pain. She’s about to give birth. The doctors told her that the baby is in a critical condition. The little being has accumulated respiratory complications because it stayed longer than it should in the womb. The baby was delivered in a cesarean section because a normal delivery is already impossible.

The woman gave birth to a baby girl. The pain was over for her, but not yet for her baby. The doctors warned her that since the baby’s respiratory system has complications, the baby might end up really weak or even die. The baby would cry non-stop, probably because of the pain she can only feel at that time. Her crying was the only way to express that.

The woman has strong faith that her baby would live healthy even though the doctors are saying otherwise. She took her baby to different places, searching for healers. She prayed day in and day out. She had novenas for her baby, and prayed at 6PM, 9PM, and 12AM for many nights. The healers told her that she has to be consistent with her prayers for her baby to be healed.

There were times when she wanted to give up, because she had no support from the baby’s father and her parents was disappointed of her because she birthed a baby out of wedlock. But she loved her baby and she knew that her baby will survive if she just remained strong.

After months of taking her baby to healers, her baby was getting a lot healthier. The little person wasn’t crying a lot anymore, probably because the pain was gone. Contrary to what the doctors say, the baby became healthy and grew up well. The woman was really thankful that she had a miracle bestowed upon her child. She raised her baby well, including her first born with the help of the people who cared for her and with the grace of God.

Until her sick and dying days, all she told her two children, especially that miracle baby, was that they keep on believing in miracles and trusting God. And so they did.

That baby, who has been healed with a miracle, was me. I am proud to say that I was blessed with a wonderful and faithful mother who didn’t give up on me. Her love for me helped me realize God’s love for me. And even now that she is gone, I am still very thankful for the chance God and my mother has given me to live life. My life was, and always will be an everyday miracle, full of love and faith. And that is how I have been living my life and how I plan to continually live it.

You cannot ‘flaunt’ your miracle – It’s not Fair

I got a new book the other day: Expect a Miracle by Dan Wakefield. I just started reading it, and I want to share with you some of the interesting insights I found.

On the book’s third chapter: Miracles of Healing, the author talks about why some people experience miracles and why others not. Others who do good things and have strong faith in God’s miracles are not able to heal themselves despite of their prayers, while others get miracles so easily. Why is that?

The author had a conversation with a woman in Georgia who is thankful for how her daughter survived a near-fatal accident, and she told him: “We do not flaunt our miracle. What do you say to those people who don’t have one, whose children will be in a hospital the rest of their life? It’s not fair.”

He also talked about a woman he met in a prayer group, who was born with a physical disability and prayed so much for a miraculous healing, like that of what she reads in the bible. She prayed so faithfully but she wasn’t healed and this made her doubt and question her faith. After many years of despair, the idea of miracles started to disturb her.

A lot of people go through this; hoping for a miracle, but denied of one and lose faith in them. But the author found an answer to this.

The author asked a priest why the woman couldn’t get her miracle. The priest said:

What miracles in her life did she not acknowledge? There is the miracle of being able to contribute to life in the face of disability – the inspiration to others as she lives and praises God. No matter how sick or how deprived we are, to the end of our lives we can show and manifest God’s patience and love in the world.”

The author also said that ‘Illness is a ministry.’ There are people in wheelchairs, and as we see them, we realize our own blessings and thank God for our health. It makes us aware. This also tells about how others become our mirrors, if we only open our eyes and our hearts. God is speaking to us with everyone we meet. How we answer to that conversation is up to us. Are we going to question God why He created so much suffering to that man in the wheelchair or are we going to realize how blessed we are and start blessing that man too?

That is our miracle – our willingness to see the blessing beyond the suffering. Do you know about Nick Vujicic? He is a man from Australia, born with no hands and no feet. He has tetra-amelia syndrome, a rare disorder characterized by the absence of all four limbs. But despite of his disability, he started a non-profit organization for people who were disabled just like him, and helps them find meaning in their lives. He does motivational speeches worldwide. He chose to realize his miracle, so he got it.

The reason it’s unfair to flaunt our miracles is that people get offended, but it is not our fault. We tell other people our miracles in the hope that they too can realize theirs.

One of the most profound notions my teacher told me is that: ‘Miracles happen, all the time.’ It’s not just some stories in the book. They exist in this world and it’s just up to me to realize them. And just like a little innocent girl from the fairy tale stories, I began to believe once again in miracles. I have seen them. I have experienced them in my life. There’s even a line from a song that I usually sing whenever I witness a miracle: “I believe in miracles, I’ve seen them all come true…

When someone talks about their miracles, do not get offended. You have your miracles too, if you choose to open your eyes and your heart to them. It’s all around you. This message may even be one of them. 🙂

Have a miraculous day!

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