Here’s one way to immediately feel good about yourself

 Here’s one way to feel good about yourself

There are times when we just don’t feel good about ourselves.
Maybe someone said something negative about you and you started vibrating that negativity,
or you feel jealous of someone else, or maybe you’re just having what you think is a bad day.

No matter what the reason is for you to feel negative, it’s just not so easy to run away when you’re already inside the hole.

I’ve had days like that too, maybe way too much bad days until I told myself, ”Ok, that’s it. I’m feeling awful and I don’t like it. My soul does not appreciate it, and it’s time to stop this cycle.”

That’s why I came up with a way to feel good about myself in times when I don’t feel like it — which is when I most need it.

A very effective way to instantly feel good about ourselves is to make a list of the things that we appreciate about ourselves.

Hmm, you may be thinking it’s not easy to do that when you’re already feeling bad about yourself.

Try it. Start with 5 things you appreciate about yourself. You’ll notice how fast that lifts your mood.

After writing down the first 5 things you love about yourself, don’t stop. Keep writing.

And you will end up wanting to write even more, because you will find so many things to love about You!

It is so easy for most of us to appreciate things, people, arts, music.. But we find it difficult to appreciate ourselves.

It’s because we don’t practice examining the good things about us, and we only focus on what we think are not good about us.

If each day, we spend a few minutes writing down about the things we love and appreciate about ourselves, we will become more of the things we are good at.

When we appreciate ourselves, we create a wonderful good-feeling vibration inside us and it will radiate on the outside.

The people around us will be able to channel that energy as well and we create a lovable environment with people appreciating us, smiling at us, approaching us, complementing us. You’ll begin noticing the ripple effect of it.

So grab a pen and paper and write down the things you appreciate about yourself and begin to create a more joyful world around you.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. laurensaysitall
    Jan 29, 2015 @ 14:50:24

    What an inspiring post! Thank you for giving me a boost of positivity! 😊


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