Meditation & Traveling

One thing that is interesting when practicing meditation: traveling and going to places doesn’t mean that much as it used to, or as you thought it would be. You stop looking for the right place to be, and you focus more on your own place where-ever you are. You begin to be more concerned about what’s inside than what’s outside.

No matter where you are, it’s much more important WHO you are and how you react to the things that surrounds you. You can get the same happiness and peace where-ever in the world you are now. The beauty, happiness, peace and serenity of nature is lost if your mind is not in a good place. If you want to find your place, it’s all about what’s inside.

You find your place in how you react to the world around you. Because in the end, it’s all seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling and thinking. there is nothing beyond those things. Where-ever you go, they’re all the same. What’s different is your reaction, your ability to accept and to be happy where-ever you are at all times.


— This is an excerpt from a video I watched last year; a talk from a Theravada monk living in Sri Lanka. his name is Yuttadhammo.



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