Don’t be Overwhelmed By An Ego Response

Here is an Interactive Transcript from this video: 

One day, somebody came and spat at the Buddha. The Buddha reacted to him by saying Thank you.

The chief disciple of the Buddha was very upset with the guy who spat at him and he was ready to grab him and hit him.

The Buddha interfered and he said to his disciple Ananda, “Everything in life has a meaning. It happens for a purpose. He spat at me and it was fine for me and I did not react except in a positive way. So he gave me a test; a test of my own ego reaction. I passed. But what happened to you, you failed.”

This is a great story. If you want to succeed in life, there is one thing: There will be people hurting your ego all the time, from morning to evening. Somebody will hurt your ego and you will be hurting somebody’s ego.

The bottom line is you should not be overwhelmed by an ego response. You should step out if somebody praises or somebody abuses you or ridicules you. You are not going to be carried away one way or the other. You are simply like the Buddha — totally freed from the ego.

You will see you will succeed in life if you develop this attitude because as soon as somebody boosts up your ego; he may be doing this to make you happy and it helps you get things done. Then you will get along with this person because whenever your ego is boosted, you feel happy and whenever it is hurt, you feel unhappy. But you should not be a victim in both cases.

If somebody is hurting your ego, let him hurt you but you are not going to be defined by it and you are not going to show any reaction, not even a facial reaction, since the face is the index of the mind.


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