You Have The Power To Create Miracles – Living Life With LOVE and Creating Miracles

My apologies for not updating lately, I have been busy. Apart from work, I also started taking care of grandparents, plus I had been reading a book and faithfully applying everything I learn into my life.

About a month ago, I talked about the book A Return To Love by Marianne Williamson. I started last month and honestly, I am still half way to finishing it. But I really did this on purpose. I wanted to read the book slowly because I want to spend time incorporating the teachings from the book into my daily life.

A Return To Love is a book that talks about the teachings in A Course In Miracles (ACIM). I have ACIM in my computer, in PDF form but I am not into reading books from a computer, I prefer real books. So I never really read the ACIM, although inside me, I was interested in it.

About a year after I had the PDF copy of ACIM, I went to a bookstore and told myself “If I saw a book written by an author I know, or I’m familiar with, I’d buy it.” This is what I always do when going to a bookstore. I don’t have a plan as to what I want to buy, I just grab whatever my inner self is telling me to grab.

I haven’t read any book from Marianne Williamson before, but I remember sharing some of her quotations on my Facebook page. I saw two books from the author: A Return To Love and Everyday Grace. I only had enough money to buy one book, so I chose the one I saw first, which is A Return To Love.

Finding the book was very relevant because I wanted to start radiating love with everyone. Little did I know, the book would serve me profoundly within the coming days.

The moment I started reading the book, I felt the void inside me that was pulling me deeper into it. I just wanted to read it and not do anything else. I consider this, probably one of the best books I’ve ever read so far, second to The Alchemist.

The book reminds me that Love is God and God is Love and I am Love. It tells me that I have the potential to love everyone and everything – regardless of the circumstances, regardless of the other person’s attitude – the miracle happens when I learn how to Love everyone without exception. I also learned that whenever I speak or think un-lovingly, it means that I separate myself from God.

Mind you, this is not the God that is sitting on a throne in the sky, judging us. This God is a loving God, a forgiving God who does not judge, but heals and loves us unconditionally. That is the God I believe in.

A Return To Love helped me remove my judgment of the bible, Christianity and Jesus Christ which I had before. It made me understand the metaphors used in the bible and how I can relate them into my own life.

The past weeks of my life have been all about healing, forgiveness, understanding and love. The experience has been amazing and I realized that miracles really do happen. I create miracles.

One of the best miracles in my life so far is with my grandma. She lives in another country and visits here once in a few years. I grew up with people telling me how difficult she is. So growing up, whenever she visits, I experience her ‘difficultness’. Worst, she didn’t like me.

After buying the book and started reading it, and because I have learned how to see everyone through the eyes of love, I reprogrammed my mind. I let go of my old perception of her that she is difficult and changed it with the perception that ‘I am willing to love her, unconditionally’.

My miracle begins. We had a call from grandma and told us she’s visiting. She will stay with us for two months!

When she arrived, we picked her up from the airport and unlike before, she was so nice to me. She doesn’t criticize me or points out what she don’t like about me anymore. Instead, we have lovely conversations and moments of laughter which we didn’t have before.

I was able to change and improve the situation because I changed my perception of it. This is the miracle.

I applied this principle with all the people in my life whom I experience difficultness, guilt and dislike.

I asked God and the Holy Spirit to guide me, not because I wanted to be loved, but because I wanted to give love – unconditionally.

I let go of my old unpleasant thoughts and regrets and replaced them with loving, healing and forgiving thoughts. Because of this, I received more love in return, was able to heal my life and forgive everyone in my past including myself.

There are so many wonderful lessons I have learned and I will yet to learn from the book, and I hope to completely apply the principles of ACIM in my life.

You may get the same lessons and teachings from other books; I am not marketing the book in any way. I just hope that you find ways to love unconditionally and create miracles in your life as well. We are all miracle-makers if we claim it. It just takes a shift in our thinking. Change your thoughts, and you can change the world.

Love and blessings.


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