Abundance – Where is it?!

I was talking with my aunt and my brother the other day. I told them about the new book I just bought. My aunt and my brother are not really that fond of reading, so they asked me why I like to spend money on these books. I told them that it is because of the lessons I learn from the writers; lessons that somehow teach me something about life. With this, my brother jokingly asked me “Do you have a book that will teach me how to get rich?” I do have one book about success, actually, I said. Then he asked me “So did you get rich?” I kept quiet for a few seconds thinking how shallow that question is, and they just laughed at me, of course.


After quite some time of being on this Path and my spiritual journey, I have realized the different (or probably the real) meaning of abundance. For most people, being abundant in life means having lots of money. For them being rich is having one – maybe two mansions and five or more cars. But it’s truly not. Most of  the spiritual speakers, gurus, motivational speakers and success leaders I’ve known always say that “Abundance is the feeling of abundance“. They said that one will not be really abundant, no matter how much money or property he owns until he FEELS that he is abundant. The richest person might not feel abundant despite of having everything he ever wanted, and yet the one living with very little means can feel really abundant with what he has.

Bashar’s definition of abundance is “..the ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it.” When you need to breathe, and there is available air for you, then you are abundant. When you need water to drink and there is clean water ready for you, then you are abundant. When you need to share love, and you have friends to share it with, then you are abundant.

Simple things that we often don’t even notice make us so living in great abundance. We only need to recognize them and be aware of them to make us bathe in it.

I have learned that the Universe always blesses me with everything and anything I need at the moment. And at all times, it never failed me. This is because I realized how abundant I already am. I get to buy the books I want to read, I can buy the clothes I need, I sleep in a soft heavenly bed, I have cuddly pillows and teddies, I have an amazing computer, internet, great boss, lovely family, amazing friends, like-minded people, stars at night,.. Oh my, I could go on until I bore you. 🙂

The bottom line is, there is so much around us that can make us feel abundant if we only recognize them and appreciate them. For me, being abundantly wealthy is when I can go to a bookstore and pick any book I like without looking at the price tag. I still check the price tag though, but I will get there. 😉

The mind is everything. What we think about manifests in reality. And I admit, I am feeling really abundant and rich at this moment. I didn’t have to answer my brother’s question about why am I not rich yet, because he has his own views about ‘being rich’ and I cannot change that. But in my mind and in my heart, I know that I am very blessed. There are even days when I think I’d die from an overdose of satisfaction! 😀 And that is how life should be lived. Appreciation is the secret to feeling abundant.

So.. you ask, “Abundance.. Where is it?!” I’d say, depends on where you choose to look for it.



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